Cutting the Shell

Cutting the Interior Braces

Two of the braces Cut

Legs v1.0. These were the first round of woofer-legs I bought, purchased them from Home Depot and trimmed them for about 3 inches of clearance between the cone and floor. We'll come back to these...

The final trimmed legs

All of the MDF cut to size - Note: the corner bracing is marked where the center brace overlaps, this amount of overlapping must be taken into account when calculating your box volume

According to the Q equations from Rythmik, I need exactly 3 cu. ft of air surrounding the driver. Here's the math:
Total Interior Box Volume:6762.766"^3
Total Volume of Driver: 871.873"^3
Total Volume of Amp: 406.0625"^3
Total Disposable Air: 5484.8305"^3
V of Tall Brace: 263.484"^3
V of Side Brace: 277.922"^3
V of Tall Brace: 263.484"^3
V of overlap on Side Braces: 2.8125"^3
V of overlap on Tall Braces: 2.25"^3
(-) Necessary 3 Cu. Ft of air: 5184"^3
= -498.9965"^3

So, 498.9965"^3 is the net volume of air that must be displaced, save for the 3 calculations below (the base MDF to be removed from each Brace):
V from Tall Brace 1: 102.75"^3
V of Tall Brace 2: 102.75"^3
V of Side Brace: 190.8517"^3

This brings the total volume of MDF that must be removed (after the initial removal) from the braces to: 102.6448"^3

A close up of a corner brace

The interior braces and their air displacement - the goal is to keep them sturdy while still removing wood for air, while keeping the box the target size.

The cut corner braces

The main vertical brace assembled

The main vertical brace with amp cutout

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