Reinforcing the Box

The supports are inserted and glued/screwed to the shell

All Y/Z/X supports in place and clamped

At this point my back is starting to hurt...

The reverse bird's eye view. The downward firing driver sits centered over the supports with 1" clearance on all sides - 3" clearance between the driver and amplifier.

The sanding begins - no matter how exact your cuts are the sides will never line up completely - the excess wood/glue will be sanded off so the tiles will sit flush against the shell

The 4th side to be put on sees all the other side's minute miscalculations - in this case the overhang was high enough to saw it off with my Nokogiri (Japanese-style saw).

1.5 hours later...

The final two bottoms are put on - the support fits into the box and the outer side fits over the assembly. It's screwed on for extra reinforcement.

Notice the recess for the driver - the outer diameter of the Rythmik DS-15 is 15.5", the same diameter as the circular cut on the outer shell. The inner cut is 14" in diameter allowing a .75" wide surface for attaching the driver.

One completed box.

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