The First Round of Painting

New apartment! After taking a couple weeks break to set up the new place, I can resume. In order to paint the proper size colored square on the cube, I made a jig to scale and taped/cut over it on all 53 squares. Notice I have painted the background first and then put the color on top of this - this is because I want the color to really pop off the background. Putting a few coats of paint on the surface will make it appear as though it is on top of the background rather than a part of it. This is meant to simulate the adhesive stickers placed on the puzzle 1/10 it's size.

Completely taped, making sure to cover all surfaces from over spray

Completely painted - let it dry overnight and peel it off in the morning, if you've sealed your tape properly then it should work just fine...

The prototype side completely painted. I've decided to put red on top. Seeing my art, 60 days work thus far, take shape is the ultimate rush for me...

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הרחקת יונים said...

It doesn't look like spray but it is, man you ROCK!
קביה הונגרית